training and development workshops

Why Study With Us?

What are your selection criteria when choosing a training company? Does it include experience, quality training and support, return on investment, ability to run workshops at your business locations, Nationally Recognised Courses and specialist educators?


Taking on a training company can have a significant impact on your business outcomes. Our experience with training over 500 participants in our Project Management workshop programs ensures that we know how to understand and respond to each individual participant yet still achieve your organisational goals for the training program.

Quality Training and Support

We are here for you. Our programs are tried and tested and meet Government requirements. Our friendly support staff are available by phone or email and will assist both you and your staff in organising, running and following up the training program.

Return on Investment

We believe that your organisation should receive an immediate benefit from our training course, with skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately as well as the incorporation of customised projects that meet your business needs.

Location, Location, Location

It is not always easy or cost effective for your organisation to relocate your staff to a training facility, which is why we come to you. We can train at your location (as long as you have suitable facilities available) to ensure that your costs stay down and your team members are at hand if needed. Some additional costs may be charged if it is a remote location.

Nationally Recognised Training

Our Certificate IV in Project Management Practice (BSB41513) is a Nationally Recognised program that your team members can have recognised at any training college or university across Australia. A transferable qualification that will benefit both you and your team long into the future.

Specialist Educators

To be an excellent trainer, you need experience on the ground in the workplace and as a trainer. It is not enough just to hold a training qualification, we expect our trainers to have many years of training delivery and workplace experience under their belt before we will even consider hiring them. That is why we have the quality team that we do.

We only take on a very limited number of clients each year - don't miss your chance to be one of them!