What is an RTO?

RTO is an acronym for Registered Training Organisation. You may have completed a Certificate or Diploma course in the past. These courses can only be delivered by an RTO.

To become an RTO, a lot of business development and training preparation work needs to be done. We must have policies and procedures that we adhere to, specific student management computer systems, careful business and financial management, particular insurances and comprehensive course materials that have been checked and validated, as well as have had industry input.

Detailed standards are set by the Government for us to meet. When a company first becomes an RTO, they must complete what is called an initial audit. This is run by ASQA, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (www.asqa.gov.au) and they may identify some non-compliances, which need rectification, approve your registration immediately if you meet all requirements, or refuse registration.

Once approved and registered, the RTO can deliver only approved programs which are provided on their scope of registration. This can be seen on the website www.training.gov.au.

RTO's are then audited regularly to check their ongoing compliance with the standards. We have been an RTO since 2010, training Certificate and Diploma courses in the Business Services field.

It is highly beneficial for employers to access the services of an RTO when training their team as the training is requried to meet certain Government standards.

Keep in mind that each RTO can write their own materials and run the courses in their own way, so you may not receive the same training at every RTO. We do recommend that you ask the RTO about the training program, it's structure and costs, to ensure that you are enrolling in the right program for your needs and that of your staff.

DevelopMental Training Academy

What is the DevelopMental Training Academy?

The DevelopMental Training Academy is a trading name of DevelopMental Pty Ltd. We operate all of our accredited and non-accredited training programs through this branch of our organisation.


Our main (and very popular) courses include the Certificate IV in Project Management Practice (BSB41515), Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415) and the Diploma of Business (BSB50215). These courses are designed for a wide range of people who are seeking skills and knowledge in the key areas of project & business management and an understanding of how projects piece together and the skills to work effectively as leaders. They benefit significantly from the tools and techniques learned in class, to make their workplace activities run more effectively and efficiently.


Nearly all of our training is delivered through a workshop format. We prefer this for a number of reasons. Firstly, when students undertake study in a workshop environment, they have the opportunity to ask questions for clarity and to broaden their knowledge through discussion. Secondly, the outcome rate (people actually finishing their course) is significantly higher for people who study face to face. Thirdly, the implementation of skills and knowledge in the work environment is virtually instantaneous, as they can begin immediately, rather than taking months to complete an online course. This means that the employer benefits significantly from courses delivered through a workshop format, saving time and money.

Tailored Programs

Every organisation is different, though some are, of course, similar. We have run programs for many different types of companies, government bodies and industries and, though the content is required by law to remain the same, we can modify our programs to include projects and examples that are relevant to each organisation. This allows for the easy transferance of skills gained into the work role of the participants. We can also provide customised short courses which are not Nationally Recognised, in any of the key areas within project management, developed specifically to meet your business needs.

Why Study With Us?

This is a question we ask ourselves regularly as we aim to achieve our vision. We offer a significant competitive advantage, as the programs we have are tried and tested, interesting for the participants, of great immediate benefit to the workplace and meet all of the Government requirements (for Nationally Recognised courses). This is a program that actually works, and we have the testimonials to prove it!

Course Participants