Customised Training Programs

Tailored Training Programs

Types of 'Tailoring'

Tailoring a course or training session is also sometimes known as customisation. There are a number of options for tailoring a program. Read below for more details:

Option 1 - Project Customisation - Nationally Recognised Courses

Our Certificate IV in Project Management Practice (BSB41515) is our most popular training program. We have developed a dynamic workshop that covers a wide range of project management topics. We offer our clients the opportunity to customise the workshop by providing their own projects for in class practice and for the post workshop assessment project. The benefit of taking up this option is that it allows the learning to be implemented int he workplace immediately. The projects must meet training requirements and our team can offer you guidance on this option. There are no additional charges for this option unless the project itself has additional financial outlays such as the purchase of equipment or materials.

Option 2 - Full Course Customisation - Nationally Recognised Courses

We have the opportunity to switch some of our preselected units with alternative electives. This is an option that allows you to target the course to specific staff, such as accounts or administration. Be aware that this option will incur additional costs for development, typically $5500 (as a guide) and will take additional time as the program will be completely rewritten to meet your needs. Note that we retain the copyright on these programs. Talk to one of our team to discuss this option further.

Option 3 - Tailored Short Courses - Non-Nationally Recognised

Another course option you may elect to run is a tailored short course. It can be anything from 3hrs to a full day course. We can write and deliver customised training programs for your organisation for a wide range of business areas, once we have conducted a needs analysis of your proposed participants and your organisation. Topics can be in any of the project management areas, as well as team development, communication, leadership, management skills and administration. These are priced individually depending on your specific needs.