Is this course Nationally Recognised?

This course is not a Nationally Recognised Qualification or unit of competency. These programs are short courses designed to meet the requirements of specific skill sets.

Each short course can be adjusted so that it reflects the requirements of one (or more) of the business services units of competency.

An assessment program can be developed to evaluate competency if the employer decides that they would prefer short courses to achieve a nationally recognised unit of competency as an outcome.

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Further Information

It is important that all participants and employers understand the difference between nationally recognised and non-recognised training, as well as what is expected of them to attend/host a training workshop, and what their obligations and rights are as students/clients.

With this in mind we have developed a student handbook which includes a range of our policies and procedures, including:

  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Complaints Policy and Procedure
  • Access and Equity Policy
  • Recognition of Prior Learning and Mutual Recognition Procedure
  • Vocational Education and Training Delivery and Assessment Procedure
  • Government Legislation and Acts
  • Financial Management Policy



Short Courses - Business & Project Management

What is a short course?

A short course is a training program designed to provide knowledge and skills in a specific field. It is usually a combination of presentation and hands on activities.

How is it trained?

Short courses can be anything from 90 minutes to an entire day in duration, depending on the needs of the client and the activities to be completed within the short course.

What courses are available?

We can offer a wide range of programs based on our field of expertise. Customised programs on any business or project management topic are also available upon request. Some programs that we have run in the past include:

  • - Project Starter Program - a one day course that includes the fundamentals of project management, structure through network diagramming and work breakdown structures, and scheduling through Gantt chart development.
  • - Fundamentals of project management
  • - Using a network diagram to get project ready
  • - Introduction to gantt charts
  • - Creating an innovative team
  • - Running effective meetings
  • - Creating a team charter
  • - Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • - Creative & effective networking
  • - Developing professional project plans


Course Cost

These programs vary in cost dependant upon the needs of the organisation, location of the training, numbers of participants and so on. Contact us for a quotation.

Further Questions?

If you would like further information on studying with DevelopMental Training Academy, or would like to discuss these courses in particular, please contact our office on 1300 529 889 or email us at There is also considerable information available on this website and we recommend that you browse through the pages at your leisure, beginning with the Things to Know section. The FAQs page is also a useful place to visit.