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RTO Information

What is an RTO?

RTO is an acronym for Registered Training Organisation. You may have completed a Certificate or Diploma course in the past. These courses can only be delivered by an RTO.

To become an RTO, a lot of business development and training preparation work needs to be done. We must have policies and procedures that we adhere to, specific student management computer systems, careful business and financial management, particular insurances and comprehensive course materials that have been checked and validated, as well as have had industry input.

Detailed standards are set by the Government for us to meet. When a company first becomes an RTO, they must complete what is called an initial audit. This is run by ASQA, the Australian Skills Quality Authority ( and they may identify some non-compliances, which need rectification, approve your registration if you meet all requirements, or refuse registration.

Once approved and registered, the RTO can deliver only approved programs which are provided on their scope of registration. This can be seen on the website

RTO's are then audited and monitored regularly by ASQA to check their ongoing compliance with the standards. We have been an RTO since 2010 training Certificate and Diploma courses in the Business Services field.

It is highly beneficial for employers to access the services of an RTO when training their team as the training is requried to meet certain Government standards.

Keep in mind that each RTO can write their own materials and run the courses in their own way, so you may not receive the same training at every RTO. We do recommend that you ask the RTO about the training program, its structure and costs, to ensure that you are enrolling in the right program for your needs and that of your staff.

How you find out about our registration?

As mentioned earlier, we are an RTO and our registration code is 32229. We were issued with this number as part of the initial registration application process. There is a Government website commonly called TGA, or At this location you can look up any RTO and find out information about them. Our details can be found by looking up the code noted above - 32229. You will find a range of information including the registration details and dates, contact details, our scope of registration (courses we can offer), any restrictions that may be present - we have no restricitons - and the locations where delivery is presently available. We can add locations to this list at any time.