training and development workshops

Group Training Workshops


Nearly all of our training is delivered through a workshop format. We prefer this for a number of reasons. Firstly, when students undertake study in a workshop environment, they have the opportunity to ask questions to gain understanding and clarity and to broaden their knowledge through discussion. Secondly, the outcome rate (people actually finishing their course with successful application in the workplace) is significantly higher for people who study face to face. Thirdly, the implementation of skills and knowledge in the work environment is virtually instantaneous, as they can begin immediately, rather than taking months to complete an online course. This means that the employer benefits much more significantly and rapidly from courses delivered through a workshop format, saving time and money.

Workshop Size - How many people in a workshop?

To run an effective training workshop, we require at least 3 participants. This is important as it allows the team members to generate a dynamic level of discussion around the key topics. Ideally 7 to 12 participants are in each class, with an absolute maximum of 15 participants. Workshop pricing is based on the number of participants and you can see how this changes by reviewing our pricing structure.

Why Not Study Online?

We have had considerable experience with all formats of training, including both online and face to face workshops. Online training programs are excellent for a small percentage of people, however most find it difficult to allocate the time needed to complete the study, or experience challenges from being unable to ask questions and receive fedback immediately. The learning style of most people is simply not suited to online or correspondence learning. Our reserach indicates that many training companies who provide online learning have found that many more students successfully complete their courses when the participants have face to face feedback and support as part of the learning process.