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Future Strategy Consulting

What is Future Strategy Consulting?

Future Strategy Consulting is a trading name of DevelopMental Pty Ltd. We offer consulting in two key areas: Strategic Business Analysis and Development; and Project Management Support. We specialise in these areas to ensure that we do not spread our team or skills too broadly across a large market segment.

Business Analysis

All of our Strategic Consulting commences with a form of business analysis that we call the Business Health Check. We believe that it is essential for our team members to have a thorough understanding of the historical and current position of your business before we assist in developing plans for future direction.

Strategic Consultancy

Many business Owners and Managers have great ideas about where to take their business, but find it difficult to find the time to develop detailed strategic plans on how to achieve those ideas. This is where our team can assist you. We can take our analysis of your firm and your future goals, and by working with your team, we can develop a detailed strategic plan for your business.

For other businesses where the Owners and Managers do not have a clearly defined business direction, we can assist you to narrow down the many growth and improvement options into the most feasible and realistic over the short and long term.

Project Management Support

Organising and running projects is not easy. It takes a particular set of skills and experience to effectively reach the desired outcomes of your project. We offer support in setting up those systems and processes that can give you positive project outcomes, and reduce your risk of project failure due to errors, poor project and risk definition, wastage or a range of other issues. Our job is to help you protect your project and your reputation by having a workable structure in place.


Taking on a consultant can be a daunting prospect to SME's as consultancy costs can blow out if not carefully managed. We offer a number of packages that may prove a useful guide to those looking to take on our Strategic Consultancy program. This can give you certainty in your budgeting for our services. Please do note that a final agreed price will be provided with our Terms and Conditions for your approval prior to commencement of any consultancy work.