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Business Analysis

Health Check

How healthy is your business? Are you achieving or exceeding goals and targets? Is your business performing as well as it can? Many business Owners or Managers write a business plan early in the business lifecycle and then rarely review it (or even refer to it) for planning purposes. The business becomes cumbersome and unfocussed and fails to deliver the returns that are potentially available to it.

One element of our business consultancy program is what we call a Business Health Check. This is where we review the key areas of your business (whether documented in a business plan or not) and provide feedback and guidance on the results of that analysis and research.

The advantage of having a firm that is external to your business providing this service, is that it allows the business to be viewed through 'fresh eyes'. We can identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that you may not have observed or considered as significant.

What do we review?

We consider a range of aspects of your business to create a whole of business review. This takes into account the following factors (Platinum clients):

- Vision and future direction
- Organisational values & beliefs
- Operational standards
- Competitive advantages
- Current financial position
- Product overview
- Development timeframes
- Current target market/s
- Current marketing strategy
- Current planning activities
- Exit strategy
- SWOT analysis
- Systems and processes
- Training programs
- Industry specific reviews
- Location implications
- Succession planning
- Organisational charting
- Competition summary
- Market conditions
- Risk analysis


Where to from there?

Once we have a current status report for your business, we can then begin to work with you to plan for your future direction and growth through our business planning program. This is all part of our corporate consultancy packages, which are available for start-ups, small and medium businesses up to 30 employees.